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This is the story of Solar DQ

Justin White
CEO at SolarDQ

"I've been in sales longer than I can remember. I've sold everything from window cleaning, new home construction clean up, mlm's, real estate, insurance, to solar, but there was always one huge problem I encountered with large commission sales and especially real estate and solar, and that was ability for the customer to actually be qualified to purchase the product. I have spent hours with customer demonstrating products and showing them how the product would help save them money or improve their life, but in the end it didn't matter unless they were in a position to pull the trigger and buy the product. That's why I created Solar DQ. Our company will help you screen your leads and make sure they qualify so you walk into an appointment knowing if they will be approved for the solar loans and how much. This has helped thousands of reps and companies save time on going to lengthy appointments and close more deals. We are looking forward to helping increase your sales and work with you, thank you."

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Maggy Suew
Orpheus CEO
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Wallmart CEO
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Fast prequals trusted by hundreds of customers

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"With Solar DQ you can triple your closing rates!"

Solar DQ team
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What impact can our prequals have on your business?

Know if your customer will be approved for solar before going to an appointment

Many of our customer have been saving countless hours freeing up time because they are no longer going on appointments that are not qualified

Our prequals show you approval amounts for the companies they can run solar through. If you have a company not on our list we'll make sure to add it.

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Why we want to help you close more
deals faster

We have an old ideology of doing business. We know if we can help you become
more profitable you will refer us to your associates and other companies. That's why we produce the most high quality prequalified leads that you will ever need. We primarily help solar companies but we also help the following




Home improvement


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What is the process of submitting a prequal?

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Once submitted, you will see your completed prequals within 24 hours
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We have helped many companies and sales reps increase their sales ten fold. Knowing if a prospect will be approved for solar before your appointment is the ultimate game changer.

We know how much hard work you put into knocking doors and calling leads to get to a sales appointment. With all your expertise and time spent acquiring a prospects you deserve to have a lead that you know is able to close.

This is the value we bring to your business. Affectively using your time on prospects that count so you can be more successful is our mission.

- Solar DQ

+25K USD
+40K USD
+70K USD


We are putting you at the forefront of closing deals. Our accelerated prequalification services are fast as they are efficient. Check out our stats.

Our calculated software is 90% accurate for approval
Higher close rates on appointments
20 Hours
per week on average for a full time solar sales rep going on 6 appointments
A simple prequal will make a huge difference

Join many people who SolarDQ

I'm very pleased with my experience with Solar DQ. They have created a prequal system to the point I don't even want to go to an appointment without doing one!
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Kurt Denke
The amount of I have spent goin on appointments just to have people not get approved is insane. This is worth every penny
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Dan Pritchett
These prequals are unlike any I have tried. This is the real deal. You won't be disappointed. It's helped me decide if an area is worth it based on the first 3 appointments
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Marla Cilley
I'm a huge fan of this company and I will continue to use them
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Lonny Paul
10/10 would reccommend
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Paul Reeves
Join us like so many others and discover the potential in your business with prequals

We are excited to start working with you

Please message us if you have any questions and we will be in contact with you.
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