Solar that changes your life.

We are not just another solar company. We help customers get approved for solar and achieve their other goals as well.
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We help you get solar so you can have the best situation for other goals. Our number one priority is our customers
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This is the story of Solar DQ

Justin White
CEO at SolarDQ

When I was in my twenties, I wanted to to do something that helped the world for the better and that could eventually change my life financially. I joined a well known solar company and started as a summer sales rep. It was about half was through the selling season and I had been tracking my personal goals and stats. I reviewed my numbers and I realized something, I was encountering a significant amount of would be customers but their credit was too low to get approved for financing. This started the idea of Solar DQ, but wasn't created until about 15 years later. Starting a business is one of the most difficult things you can ever do, so I learned everything I could about solar and repairing people's credit until I became an expert. Solar DQ is finally here and we do something no other solar company does. We help people who fail credit and get them into our credit repair program. Once they get approved for solar, we offer financing to help them get a down payment for a home, refi, investments, car loans, home improvements and more.
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Fast solar credit repair trusted by hundreds of customers

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Easy process. Start with our sign up form that takes less than a minute to fill out.
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Great pricing for 6 month program. We keep our prices affordable so you can achieve your goals in record time.
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Score maintenance. Once your credit is high we'll help you keep it that way.
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"We worked with SolarDQ and in just 4 months
we had solar on our roof."

Susan Bolt, Jewerly Ava
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What impact can our 6 month solar credit repair program have?

A high credit score gives you high approval rate for things you need.

Many of our customers have peace of mind knowing they have the best possible score.

We are motivated to repair your credit fast because we make the majority of our money by helping you achieve your other goals.

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Why we want fix your
credit as fast
as possible

We have old ideology of doing business. We know if we can help you get into a better place in your life with increasing you credit score and improving you life, then you may let us help you achieve your other goals with our resources. We specialize in financing for the list below

Down payment

Home improvements

Auto loans

Debt consolidations


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How do your other resources work?

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It pays to have good credit
Now that you have a high credit score, our connections can start helping you with your goals.
People we know and trust
We have working relationships in every industry that we know and trust.
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We will be with you each step of the way
You will be assigned a  account manager who will make sure our resources are helping you achieve your goals.
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"My name is Julie, and I'm and account manager who helps clients reach their goals. I'm in contact with you from the very beginning to the end of your journey and you can contact me at any time. I take pride in responding to my clients within 24 hours.

I am dedicated to helping you and utilizing our resources for all your needs. I enjoy servicing our clients because it's full-filling when I see a customers improve their life with a high credit score they didn't think would happen, they are able to get solar, and then does home renovations that they've wanted to do forever. I love my job."

- Julie

+25K USD
+40K USD
+70K USD


You want to know our stats? Here they are, we can't guarantee it, but our accelerated credit repair services are fast as they are efficient. See the details about our stats.

Our customers see an average of 50-100 point increase in 6 months
Get a approved for solar in the first 3 months
We can remove 90% of everything on your credit. this includes bankruptcies, collections, inquiries, and much more
30 Days
10% of all customers get approved for solar in the first 30 days

Join many people who SolarDQ

SolarDQ is committed to making sure that you get solar no matter what your situation is
Testimonial profile
Kurt Denke
With SolarDQ, the amount of dedication to
their customers is unparallel
Testimonial profile
Dan Pritchett
I never thought there would be company like SolarDQ who think about the customer first
and help them more then just a sale
Testimonial profile
Marla Cilley
SolarDQ helped me get solar when every other door to door salesman just left when
they pulled my credit
Testimonial profile
Lonny Paul
The business model SolarDQ has
implemented is the reason they are such a
good company.
Testimonial profile
Paul Reeves
Join us like so many others and discover the potential for in your life with great credit and saving money by getting solar

We are excited to start working with you

Please message us if you have any questions and we will be in contact with you.
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